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Taos Ski Valley

Taos "She Gone" Ski Run

Try your hand at the "She Gone" ski run at the Taos Ski Valley, named in Corey's honor. The double black diamond run is for expert skiers located on the Highline Ridge.

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Taos "She Gone" Ski Run
Taos "She Gone" Ski Run

Time & Location

Check open availability on the Taos website

Taos Ski Valley, 116 Sutton Pl, Taos Ski Valley, NM 87525, USA

About the event

Taos Ski Valley has named 2 ski runs in honor of Matthew Zonghetti and Corey Borg-Massanari, both of whom died tragically in an avalanche in 2019. The trails are known as Z-chute and She Gone.

A double black diamon ski run at Taos Ski Valley’s Kachina Bowl will honor Corey Borg-Massanari, who died tragically in an avalanche in 2019. The trail will be known as "She Gone" and was chosen by the Borg-Massanari family. Another run, named "Z-chute" was named to honor Matthew Zonghetti who also lost his life in the accident. 

“We’re grateful to Matt and Corey’s families for working with us to honor their memories,” said David Norden, CEO of Taos Ski Valley. “By naming these trails, we can ensure that they are remembered for years to come, and that our community of skiers, staff, and residents continues to pay their respects.”

May we always remember and celebrate Corey and Matthew's adventurous spirits.

Support The Matthew Zonghetti Scholorship Fund: 

The meaning behind the name: 

"When Taos Ski Valley told us that they would be naming runs for the boys, Corey's dad (Mark) and I decided that we would let Corey's friends that were on the trip with him name it. They chose 'She Gone' because Corey's friend Caitlin started saying it randomly, then it just caught on with the group and became a fun phrase they would say to each other. There is also a country music song with the lyrics 'she gone' in it and Corey did a funny snap chat video singing part of the song and sent it to his friends.

I became aware of the phrase through Venmo. When I would send money to Corey I would often see  'She Gone' as his explanation for sending money to his friend Hattie. One day I asked her what 'She Gone' meant and she told me that she had a habit of losing her debit card, so Corey would Venmo money to her Venmo card for her. When he did, for the explanation he would put 'She Gone,' or 'She Gone Again.' When she lost it for good and had to cancel the card, his memo was 'She Gone For Good.'" — Bobbie, Corey's mom.

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